Season 1, Episode 7: An Impartial Bias

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Aired: Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Amy: "Vincent, I give you permission to be happy about this."

Written by David W. Zucker
Directed by James Hayman

Guest starring
Marlee Matlin as Eliza Spears
Jillian Armenante as Donna Kozlowski
Richard Lawson as Thomas Horne
Allan Arbus as judge
Christopher L. Pettiet
Harry J. Lennix as Mr. Newman
Mariclare Costello
Phyllis Lyons
Irma P. Hall as Beverly Raymond
Bill Pugin as interpreter
Gianni Manganelli as Kevin Dexter
Alisa Wilson as Jenny Fainberg
Strawn Bovee as Dr. Lisa Billman
Mary Faulkner as Lulu
Jerry O'Connor as Randall
Carol Avery as housewife
Rhyon Nicole Brown as girl

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