Quotes from Shaken Not Stirred

Tom: "C'mon, let's get in the race."
Amy: "I have to count. Besides, you don't want to race me."
Tom: "Why not?"
Amy: "Because I'm good."

Maxine: "How can you report sexual abuse when you don't know what sex is?"

Lisa: "I dream about you too. I mean, about you saving me."
Vincent: "Well, I was just in the wrong place at the right time."

Donna: "Judge Gray?"
Amy: "Uh, Donna?"
Donna: "Are you seeing someone?"
Amy: "Excuse me?"
Donna: "You're glowing."
Amy: "No, I'm not."
Donna: "Oh yeah, you are."
Amy: "Donna, I'm not glowing."
Donna: "Sorry."

Maxine: "Ten-year-old children cannot take care of themselves. They need their parents. But if their parents betray them, they need us."

Psychiatrist: "Sounds like you two have a lot in common."
Vincent: "Yeah, if you count insomnia, depression, irritability, flashbacks, outbursts of anger...."

Vincent to Lisa: "So, this weekend, you wanna get some mushy food and see a quiet movie?"

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