Quotes from Drawing the Line

Mr. Dunismore: "That's where this little scumbag hangs out."
Amy: "Alleged scumbag, Mr. Dunismore."
Mr. Dunismore: "What, ma'am?"
Amy: "Stop calling me ma'am, it makes me feel like the queen mother. Judge Grey or your honor will do."
Mr. Dunismore: "Yes, ma'am."

Lauren: "You said penis."
Peter: "Yes, I did."
Lauren: "That's a bad word."
Maxine: "No, not when it's that small."

Maxine: "Amy, why on earth are you teaching a class at Yale?"
Amy: "Because they asked me."
Maxine: "There's a handy little two-letter word you might want to learn."
Amy: "Mom, it's an honor to be asked. You should be congratulating me."
Maxine: "I'll congratulate you when you learn how to take a nap."

Amy: "Do I really have to call up Michael and say, 'Hey, Michael, when I send Lauren to you I pretty much want her back in the same condition?'"

Peter: "I played with toy guns. Look how I turned out."
Maxine: "Actually, you preferred dolls until you were six."
Peter: "They were boy dolls."

Gillian: "I love Betsy Johnson."

Amy: "You know, Leesha, you might want to watch how many sentences you begin with 'Michael said.' People might not think you have any thoughts of your own."

Bruce: "Did you know that the day Winston Churchill became prime minister of England, his aides woke him up that night to tell him that the Nazis invaded France?"
Amy: "No, I didn't."
Bruce: "I try to remember that when I think I'm having a bad day."

Amy: "Donna. Straighten your hair. Don't dress like me."
Donna: "Okay."
Amy: "That's all."
Donna: "Thank you."

Amy: "Here's the one thing that doesn't change: family. And while our definition of what family is changes all the time, the family remains the cornerstone of civilization. It always has been."

Maxine: "Vincent, I was wrong."
Vincent: "I love you too, mom."

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