Quotes from Blast from the Past

Maxine: "Celeste, I have no idea what I'm doing."
Celeste: "You're getting a second chance, like me."

Maxine: "Normally I just have a chili dog at my desk."
Charles: "You too? I love chili dogs with cheese...."
Maxine: "Oh, heavens no, that would violate the integrity of the dog."

Mr. Younger: "You can't do this to me. I can't lose my kids!"
Amy: "Mr. Younger, you are not losing your kids, you are being given a chance to prove you are capable of taking care of them. Do you understand that?"
Mr. Younger: "No."
Amy: "Well, I hope one day you will."

Maxine: "Charles, because I'm fond of your father I'm going to try not to call you a name."

Vincent: "Did he...? Was he...?"
Donna: "Are you talking about penetration?"
Vincent: "I'm afraid I am."

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