Quotes from The Persistence of Tectonics

Lauren: "Most of the other kids have regular parents."
Amy: "You have regular parents. You just have them in two different places."

Amy: "You could be a little more sympathetic."
Bruce: "I don't do sympathetic."
Amy: "Of course not."

Amy: "Socrates lives like Henry the eighth."

Maxine: "Amy, after forty years of making Thanksgiving dinners, even the word Thanksgiving makes me mad... at myself, mostly, for losing the joy and the sense of... Thanksgiving. So this year I'm gonna reclaim the night. It's going to truly be about giving thanks for what we have, and not about coordinating the yams and the stuffing and the asparagus souffle and the biscuits."

Amy: "And thanks so much for your support!"
Maxine: "I didn't suport Mondale, either. I can recognize a disaster when I see one coming."

Lauren: "I'm going to sit between mommy and daddy."
Vincent: "Cool, ring-side seat."

Lauren: "Are you and daddy getting back together?"
Amy: "No. Mommy and daddy love each other, it's just the kind of love where we can't see each other too much."

Michael: "You miss New York?"
Amy: "Sometimes. When I'm hungry."

Amy: "There's nothing wrong with me that a few weeks in Hawaii can't fix."

Gillian: "The doctor hasn't given up."
Peter: "Of course not, we're paying for his summer house."

Allan: "Go talk to her."
Vincent: "If I wanted to talk to people who drive me crazy I could have spent the day with my family."

Amy: "I suppose Leesha accepts you as you are."
Michael: "As a matter of fact, she does."
Amy: "Well, people in their twenties are more flexible. In more ways than one."

Vincent: "So, Hilary's your agent?"
Justin: "Yeah, I'm of the belief that one's agent should be scarier than the opponent."

Justin: "I overheard a rumor that Bruce and Demi might be getting back together."
Vincent: "Thank God. Our long national nightmare may soon be over."

Vincent: "You seem like a great guy. The only problem is, I'm not gay."
Justin: "You're not? I gotta say, I was getting this straight vibe from you. I was trying to ignore it."

Amy: "What is it about holidays that makes us expect perfection from people who can't be perfect?"

Vincent: "Could you believe that dinner?"
Justin: "Did you see the turkey?"
Vincent: "I think if they're gonna serve a turkey to you with the head still on, they should at least put a little hat on it."
Justin: "I forget. Is that fancy cuisine, or just disgusting?"

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