Season 2, Episode 1: Zero Tolerance

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Aired: Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Rating: 12.0/20


Written by Barbara Hall
Directed by James Hayman

Amy Brenneman
Dan Futterman
Richard T. Jones
Jessica Tuck
Marcus Giamatti
Karle Warren
Jillian Armenante
Tyne Daly
Guest starring
Robin Gammell as Judge Salinger
Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter
Suanne Spoke
L. Scott Caldwell as Tanya
Laurence Mason
Robert Lipton
Catherine MacNeal
Aldis Hodge
Jayne Amelia Larson as ASA Sharon Lemieux
Inny Clemons as Robert Clifton
Ron Marasco as Mark
Merri Biechler as nurse Nora
Christine Ashe as Judith Fleming
Mark Soper as Ben Fleming

Yay! They've put Jillian Armenante in the opening credits! Ooh, and Richard T. Jones grew a goatee. I'll have to reserve judgment for awhile....

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