Season 3, Episode 17: Not Stumbling, but Dancing

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Aired: Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Rating: 9.8/17

Written and Directed by Joseph Dougherty

Guest starring
Lucinda Jenney as Allison Cossey
Will Rothhaar as Anthony Cossey
Mitch Longley as Jonathan Ashworth
Rebecca Lowman as Ms. Erma Basting
Chris Wynne as Sergeant Heffner
Special guest star Penny Fuller as Ms. Matson

Jarrett Lennon as Ted Plunket
Kara Houston as Lynn Dickinson
Carlie Westerman as Clair Cossey
Vernon Willet as AAG Benton
Cynthia Graham as female officer
Ivor Pyres as court appointed lawyer

There was originally supposed to be another storyline in this episode that seems to have been cut: "Kyle does a background check on a new kid who seems to be out of place at Teen Harbor."

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