Season 3, Episode 21: Tidal Wave

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Did you know that the human body sheds thousands of dead skin cells every day?
This place is a veritable bonanza of previously owned epidermus.

Aired: Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Rating: 9.7/16

Written by Lyla Oliver & Randall Caldwell
Directed by Kevin Dowling

Guest starring
Roma Maffia as Amanda York
Lee Chamberlin
Alan Blumenfeld
Special guest star Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter

Rachel Robinson as Luana Douglass
Stuart Fratkin as ASA Peyton Burnside
Simon Chernin as Moishe Rosenthal
Jansen Wright as Seth Rosenthal
Melissa M. Lambert as AAG Lenhart
Larry Robinson as Marshal
Featured music
"I'll Say I'm Sorry Now" by Shawn Colvin (ending song)

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