Season 3, Episode 8: Rights of Passage

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Aired: Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Rating: 10.8/18

Written by Paul Guyot
Directed by Andrew Robinson

Guest starring
Gregory Norman Cruz as Ben Leonard
Markus Flanagan as Lonnie
Leo Rossi as Mr. Schmeltzer
Michael Welch as Mike Gambel
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman as Mr. Wheeler
Carolyn McCormick as Miss Bonham
Special guest star
Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter
Daniel Farris as Samuel Stackhouse
Ulysses Cuadra as Duncan
Kevin Schmidt as Lewis
T.J. Hall as Christopher

Kevin Rahm has been added to the opening sequence. They don't waste time.

Amy: I want a dumb mother.
Maxine: Too late.

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