Quotes from Who Shot Dick

Kyle: Maxine... back up your troubles, Donna's potatoes are here.

Maxine: You have to separate the whites from the colors and not just throw them all in together in cold water like you did when you were in college.
Amy: How did you know that's what I did in college?
Maxine: Because that's what I did when I was in college, and someday you're going to believe that I've lived longer than you have.

Bruce: Maybe you and I can have a civilized conversation sometime, away from the kids... in a place with a roof.
Andrea: Like a gazebo?
Bruce: Like a restaurant.
Andrea: Oh, like a date.

Amy: Bruce, you deserve to have a social life.
Bruce: I was thinkin' the same thing.

Andrea: I like it. I get into the French Revolution.
Bruce: So you have a morbid streak too.
Andrea: Guillotines were neat and precise. Martyrs are messy.

Kyle: I was nineteen, Amy.
Amy: How old are you now, Kyle?
Kyle: Around eighteen. My father came to visit me today, offered to bail me out... and I said no. That's when most people leave home, isn't it? Eighteen?

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