Quotes from The Cook of the Money Pot

Amy: For your information, we don't have sex in this house. Do we, mom?
Maxine: I have... in the past... the best of my recollection.

Maxine: Would that be my lunch?
Kyle: Lunch becomes community property after 4:30pm, that's common knowledge.

Kyle: What exactly is the difference between losing touch and dull instincts?
Maxine: If you were the least bit curious I would explain it to you, but since you are simply mocking me you will wallow in ignorance for the rest of your life.

Ms. Willings: Your honor, surely you're being a bit harsh, this is bascially a good boy.
Amy: No, Ms. Willings, he's a well-liked boy. There's a difference.

Kyle: You were a paranoid girl now you're a paranoid lady.
Amy: Well, you were a manipulative kid and now you're a manipulative man.

Amy: I had a three flavor day.
Maxine: I had a five flavor day.
Amy: We only have three flavors.
Maxine: Well, that'll have to do, then.

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