Quotes from The Unbearable Lightness of Being Family

Maxine: Amy, your daughter needs you. She's having some kind of hair crisis.
Amy: Is it still on her head?
Maxine: As far as I can tell.
Amy: Then it's not a crisis.

Amy: Let's just pretend we're in the court of law, shall we? Miss Moseby, you're the lawyer, so you ask the questions and your client answers them. It's just like on TV.

Lauren: Can I see the monkey?

Bernie: What about my constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness?
Maxine: That's not in the Constitution, that's in the Declaration of Independence.

Maxine: Maybe you need to talk to a lawyer.
Vincent: I can't afford one.
Maxine: Well, wouldn't it be convenient if we had a lawyer in the family?

Sean to Maxine: I am so glad you're back.

Vincent: Amy, you have to let go now or we're gonna go through this whole goodbye rigamarole again in the morning.

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