Quotes from Surprised by Gravity

Lauren: It came in my buddy meal from Giggle Burger.
Amy: Oh, ma, don't take her there. It's salt wrapped up in styrofoam.

Amy: How the mighty have fallen.
Maxine: Don't gloat.
Amy: I'm not gloating, I'm making an observation.
Maxine: An observation laced with gloat.

Maxine: I'm helping a member of our family.
Amy: You are helping a part of the family that wanted nothing to do with us for a very long time.
Maxine: I didn't realize family loyalty had a shelf-life.

Gordon: You are condeming me to regional theater!
Amy: Would you like something more dramatic than supervision?

Shelly: Well, you and I do have this sort of estrogen Rush Hour deal going.
Maxine: Personally, I think it's a little more Hope and Crosby.
Shelly: What?
Maxine: Nevermind.

Peter: Three suitcases, one backpack and two boxes. Is that all he brought?
Maxine: It's a short-term arrangement, Peter.
Peter: Okay. Is that all he has?

Kyle: It's not about needing, it's about wanting.

Bruce: I don't know which part of New England this chowder is supposed to be from, but any more gelatinous, it won't need a cup.

Bruce: You can't understand something like this, at least not in the way I think you mean.
Amy: Well, you gotta try. Otherwise all you have is superstition.
Bruce: That's why I have the edge over you. I get to have faith. You're stuck with superstition.
Amy: See, a real Christian wouldn't rub it in like that.

Kyle to Amy: Shouldn't you be somewhere judging something?

Amy: That's not a Jaguar.
Kyle: No, it's not. But it has aspirations.

Kyle: Cookies.
Amy: You made cookies?
Maxine: Kyle did.
Kyle: Well, Aunt Max lit the oven for me but I sliced the sausage of pre-mixed dough.

Amy: I think I might have been wise today.
Maxine: Were you.
Amy: I think. Yeah, yeah I was.
Maxine: You are very good at what you do.
Amy: Well, it's eighty percent in attitude. Guess where I got that from?

Kyle: Destiny.
Amy: Coincidence.
Kyle: Same difference.

Kyle: I used to sleep-walk through life, ignorant of the important part beef tallow plays in the flavor and sensory appeal of the french fry. Well, those dark days are gone forever, for now the french fry holds no secrets from me.

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