Season 4, Episode 10: People of the Lie

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I would rather be trapped in a coal mine with three Republicans and a lap dog.

Aired: Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Rating: 9.8/16

Written by Karen Hall
Directed by Andrew J. Robinson

Guest starring
Johanna Day as Susie McCarty
Caroline McWilliams as Helene Steele
Miriam Flynn as Winki
Michael Wiseman as Mr. Weston
Mary Manofsky as Mrs. Weston
Carrie Snodgress as Dr. Larabie
Bruce Katzman as Dr. Levin
Special guest stars
Richard Burgi as Michael Cassidy
Lane Smith as Mr. Radford
Barbara Babcock as Mrs. McCarty
Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker
Alice Dodd as Kimberly Fallon
Inny Clemons as Robert Clifton
Tyler Patrick Jones as Kevin Weston
Kristina Lear as Penny Haskell
Stephanie Allen as Sonia Haskell
John Collins Bonds as Curt Haskell
John Nielsen as doctor
John Strand as waiter
Michael Harte as process server

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