Season 4, Episode 2: Thursday's Child

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There was alcohol involved.
You were sober as a judge.
Which the judge was not.
Aired: Thursday's Child

Rating: 10.2/17

Written by Hart Hanson
Directed by Joe Ann Fogle

Guest starring
Kathryne Dora Brown as Zola Knox
Jack Noseworthy as Jason Lobdel
Brian Howe as police officer
Adam Hendershott as Gunnar Barard
Patrick Fischler as Phil Brown
Gibby Brand as Dr. Kelso
Tony Denman as Tim Laurence
Patrick Renna as Ronnie Thayer
Special guest stars
Lynsey Bartilson as Samantha Lightstone
Bruce Weitz as Martin
Rhyon Nicole Brown as Rebecca Van Exel

Kathryne Dora Brown is Tyne Daly's daughter with Georg Stanford Brown.

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