Season 4, Episode 24: Shock and Awe

He must look like Gillian, because he's beautiful and I'm not.

Season finale

Aired: Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Rating: 9.4/15


Teleplay by Randall Caldwell & Dawn Comer Jefferson
Story by Alex Taub
Directed by James Frawley

Guest starring
Sarah Danielle Madison as Heather Labonte
Stephanie Venditto as Asst. DA
John Beasley as Judge Bromell
Glenndon Chatman as Darwin Fletcher
Paul Norwood as Dr. Bristol
Fred Stoller

Special appearance by Tim Daly as Monty Fischer

Special guest stars
Pamela Reed as Sarah
Reed Diamond as Stuart Collins
Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker
Dylan Cash as James Garrison
Morgan Rusler as pushy salesman
Heather McPhaul as Marta
Tom Kiesche as Officer Cook
Jeff D'Agostino as Andrew Landari

This season is dedicated to the memory of Peppy Stern. For those that don't know, Peppy Stern is the recently deceased wife of executive producer, Joseph Stern.

From the May 10th issue of TV Guide: "Daly Double" Brother and sister Tim and Tyne Daly have a family reunion on this week's Judging Amy. Former Wings star Tim Daly plays a public defender who goes psycho in the season finale of Judging Amy. The gig puts him toe-to-toe with his sister, Tyne Daly, but he expects no fanfare. "It surprises me how many people still don't know we're related," he says, pointing out that he and his sister and their dad, the late james Daly (star of the 1969-76 series Medical Center), are rarely included in "those TV shows about Hollywood families. I mean, obviously we're not the Fondas, but still." Then again, who needs the added pressure? Just acting with Sis–who has won five Emmys and was also nominated for a 1991 guest role on Wings–is challenge enough. "She's a damn fine actress, and you need to be ready," Tim Daly notes. "When Tyne throws you the ball, you sure as hello don't want to drop it." –Michael Logan