Season 4, Episode 7: Damage Control

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I have a recurring dream where I'm pleading with a midget named Brett to stop throwing donuts at a clown with a flamethrower.

Aired: Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Rating: 9.7/16

Written by Paul Guyot
Directed by James Frawley

Guest starring
Mitch Longley as Jonathan Ashworth
William Ragsdale as Charles Duff
James Avery as Mr. Ruff
Sarah Danielle Madison as Heather
Brad Henke as Detective Chris Cross
Bobby Edner as Jesse Monk
Kari Coleman as Penny Hadcoate
Tim Quill as David Hadcoate
Special guest stars
Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter
Joe Flanigan as Tobin Hayes
Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker
Richard Crenna as Jared Duff
Inny Clemons as Robert Clifton
Leigh Curran as state's attorney
Rachael Kraft as Alesha Hadcoate

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