Season 5, Episode 2: Going Down

Aired: Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Rating: 8.7/14


Written by Karen Hall
Directed by Paul Michael Glaser

Guest starring
Laura Regan as Ellen Brady
Mark Devine as Daniel Hawkins
Nicole Paggi as Ms. Griffin
Dave Ruby as Lloyd
Paul Norwood as Dr. Miller
Jim Meskimen as Dr. Land
Carlease Burke as Gwen
Laura Ceron as Alma Zapata
Randy Thompson
Kevin Ramsey
Dan Martin as detective (uncredited)
Special guest stars
Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter
Adrian Pasdar as ADA David McClaren
Katherine LaNasa as Yvonne Dunbar

With Reed Diamond as Stuart Collins

And Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker

Anne Marie Howard as Fiona Chandler
Gary Douglas Kohn as Jesus
Robert Montesinos as jury foreperson
Steven Sullivan as guy
Featured music
"Safe & Sound" by Sheryl Crow