Season 6, Episode 1: Accountability

Season premiere

Aired: Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rating: 7.8/13


Written by Richard Kramer & Carol Barbee
Directed by James Frawley

Amy Brenneman
Richard T. Jones
Dan Futterman
Jessica Tuck
Marcus Giamatti
Karle Warren
Jillian Armenante
Timothy Omundson
Tyne Daly
Guest starring
Sarah Danielle Madison as Dr. Heather Labonte
Samuel Monterroza

Special appearance by Kevin Rahm as Kyle McCarty

Special guest star Anthony Zerbe as Judge Henry Sobel

With Cheech Marin as Ignacio Messina

With Adrian Pasdar as ADA David McClaren

Kamala Lopez-Dawson as Ms. Nunez
Guillermo D. Robles as Mr. Moreno
Lisa Kaseman as Cecile Robinson
Yvette Cason as no-time-for-this mom
Alicia Yang as montage kid #1
Brandon Kaplan as montage kid #2
Andre Delawrence Rice, Jr. as montage kid #3