In Syndication on TNT

TNT shows old syndicated episodes of Judging Amy. They generally air at noon and 1pm on weekdays. Here is a tentative schedule:

Mon. Oct. 16 12pm Accountability (S6)
Mon. Oct. 16 1pm Lullaby (S6)
Tue. Oct. 17 12pm Legacy (S6)
Tue. Oct. 17 1pm Consent (S6)
Wed. Oct. 18 12pm Order & Chaos (S6)
Wed. Oct. 18 1pm Catching It Early (S6)
Thur. Oct. 19 12pm Early Winter (S6)
Thur. Oct. 19 1pm Conditional Surrender (S6)
Fri. Oct. 20 12pm Silent Era (S6)
Fri. Oct. 20 1pm The Long Run (S6)
Mon. Oct. 23 12pm 10,000 Steps (S6)
Mon. Oct. 23 1pm You Don't Know Me (S6)
Tue. Oct. 24 12pm Dream a Little Dream (S6)
Tue. Oct. 24 1pm Happy Birthday (S6)
Wed. Oct. 25 12pm Hard to Get (S6)
Wed. Oct. 25 1pm The Paper War (S6)
Thur. Oct. 26 12pm The New Normal (S6)
Thur. Oct. 26 1pm Sorry I Missed You (S6)
Fri. Oct. 27 12pm Revolutions per Minute (S6)
Fri. Oct. 27 1pm Too Little, Too Late (S6)