Season 1, Episode 9: The Persistence of Tectonics

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Aired: Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Rating: 10.1


Written by Randall Caldwell
Directed by Joe Ann Fogle

Guest starring
Lawrence Pressman as Alan Stetson
Meredith Scott Lynn
Michael Buchman Silver
Lisa Eichhorn
Larry Joshua
Jon Sklaroff
Zach Graham
David Smigelski
Allen Williams
John Slattery as Michael Cassidy
Michel Rivkin as Dewayne Langston
Miguel Najera as luis Selerno
Rod Britt as Cliff Taubin
Frank Sharp as Officer Lawton

Oh, there was the beautiful moment when Michael walked in for Thanksgiving and Amy used her finger to wipe something off Lauren's face, and Lauren squirmed away, and then Maxine used her finger to wipe something off Amy's face and Amy squirmed away.

I think someone thinks Hartford, CT is a lot closer to New York than it is. Michael came all the way up to speak to Amy for ten minutes, drove back to New York that night, and then came all the way back to Hartford the next day for Thanksgiving dinner? Vincent and Justin are at a party in Manhattan, and Vincent brings Justin all the way to Hartford, a three hour drive, and says it's not too far away? Whatever, we'll just pretend Hartford is in Westchester County.

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