Season 5, Episode 4: Tricks of the Trade

I want you to promise that you're not gonna mess up again.

Aired: Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Rating: 7.9/13


Written by Lyla Oliver
Directed by Peter Levin

Guest starring
Kathryne Dora Brown as Zola Knox
Jenny O'Hara
Robert Wisdom
Amanda Fuller
Chloe Webb
Lauren Bowles
Mary Cross
Alina Cenal
Nealla Gordon
Inny Clemons as Robert Clifton

Special guest star Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter

With Reed Diamond as Stuart Collins

And Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker

Alec Medloc as Greg Goodman
Crawford Wilson as Victor
Robert Lee Neely II as Jason Darby
Bart Tangredi as paramedic
Chelsea Elise Colwell as Emily Gitlin
Karlton Johnson as Ron Gitlin
Matthew Barona as uniform cop
Caleb Rapoport as cameraman
Scott Rankin as Steven Goodman