Season 5, Episode 5: The Wrong Man

Aired: Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Rating: 8.2/13


Written by Carol Barbee
Directed by James Frawley

Guest starring
Kathryne Dora Brown as Zola Knox
Chad Todhunter as Henry Genovese
Brian McNamara as Mr. Basheer
Sarah Danielle Madison as Dr. Heather Labonte
Molly Cheek as Cecile
Dave Ruby as Lloyd
Edith Fields
June Squibb as Louise Flowers (uncredited)

Special guest star Timothy Omundson as Sean Potter

With John Aylward as Jack Monroe

And Kristin Lehman as Dr. Lily Reddicker

Evan Sabara as Avery Siegel
John Ganun as Glenn Orth
Joe Wandell as paramedic
Lou Saliba as defense attorney
Erin Sanders as Janice Witherspoon
Destiny Edmond as Melissa
Callie Waterman as Jennifer
Ronn Surels as guy #1